Flight Request Form Help

What is a medical release and why do I need one?

A medical release is a form we provide to your physician. The physician indicates on the form that the passenger is medically stable and able to fly in a small, unpressurized aircraft, and that a passenger’s condition will not affect the safety of the flight. This is critical to insure the passenger’s safety. Once you have provided us with the name and contact information for your physician, we will contact them and ask them to complete the form and return it directly to us.

Approved Travel Reasons

Angel Flight West can provide transportation for:

  • A scheduled medical appointment.
  • Domestic violence relocation, provided you are currently in a shelter.
  • You to be a caregiver to a direct relative, e.g. a parent, child, or sibling.

Angel Flight West does not provide travel for:

  • Funerals.
  • You to be a caregiver to anyone other than a direct relative.
  • Permanent relocation for any reason other than domestic violence.


Financial Need

Angel Flight West flights are flown by volunteer pilots who donate their time as well as the costs of the flight. These costs can amount to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Angel Flight West is a charitable service serving people in need. Our pilots are making these contributions because they want to help people in need. Compelling need might also include persons who are immuno-compromised or can’t fly commercially for other reasons.

We recognize that the costs of medical care, lost wages, and providing care can deplete a family’s resources. You don’t need to be desperate or destitute to qualify, we simply want to make the best use of our limited resources and the pilot’s donation.