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There are numerous ways to give to Angel Flight West — and always with the knowledge that your tax-deductible donation could save the life of someone you’ve never even met.

Angel Flight West is proud to be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit

Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our federal tax identification number is 95-3956297.

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Your donation is vital to supporting staff costs, technology, marketing and outreach, and infrastructure to help AFW propel our mission forward. Each flight is a product of the donated time and resources from our generous volunteer pilots and the coordination efforts from our team.

Community Outreach and Education
We connect to healthcare and social work professionals and patient groups to let them know about our services and send along brochures and other detailed information. Our outreach team members conduct in-service presentations, offer free webinars, exhibit at healthcare conferences, advertise on social media, and work to create digital partnerships with healthcare facilities.

Volunteer Recruitment and Activation
Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. To continuously expand our volunteer roster to fulfill missions, we take part in aviation events, host fly-ins and online webinars, advertise on social media and other digital platforms, and work with local media and aviation organizations. Our volunteer services team guides new volunteers through orientation while focusing on volunteer recruitment, retention, and appreciation. 

Mission Operations
Our coordinators answer every inquiry and arrange every flight, including the 900+ commercial flights donated annually by Alaska Airlines and our airline partners. They are fluent in multiple “languages” – health care, aviation, and technology (as well as English and Spanish).

Development and Fundraising
Our development team of grant writers, event planners, and fundraisers connect with the passion of our supporters, stewarding their gifts to ensure each one makes a life-changing difference to our passengers. They share stories and mission goals with foundations, individual donors, corporate partners, and event supporters, building relationships with those whose contributions make our programs possible.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the finances of the organization. Please contact Angel Flight’s Executive Director, Josh Olson at (310) 390-2958.

Angel Flight West is privileged to have varied sources of funds to support its growth. The chart below shows a balance of revenue from individuals, foundations and community organizations, and events.


Click here to view our updated financials.


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve. Many people go without health care that could save their lives or improve their quality of life due to lack of transportation. 

Research shows that transportation is the second most significant barrier to health care after cost. Your donation allows us to efficiently arrange donated flights through our network of volunteer pilots or through our commercial airline partners.

Every dollar you give is matched 4X by our volunteer pilots and airline partners who donate the cost of flight.  That could mean the difference between life and death, or the difference between being able to work and permanent disability. Access to health care can prevent more serious illness in the future and can have an enormous impact on someone’s life.

With your help, we’re able to give our passengers the gift of support, hope, and time. 
All our passengers are screened and vetted by our mission coordination team. Often times, passengers need our services due to financial or geographic barriers. Additionally, some passengers are immunocompromised and cannot fly commercially.

There are many reasons that a passenger may need to travel with Angel Flight West to their life-saving care, and it’s important to our organization that we use the donated gifts from our volunteers and supporters wisely. 

Our sustainability plan has four primary elements: (1) incrementally increasing existing fundraising efforts, such as our annual campaign, crowd-funding projects, and foundation grants; (2) pursuing new sources of revenue, including third party fundraising partnerships with corporations, partner organizations, and volunteers; (3) increasing major gifts and donor engagement; and (4) encouraging our long-time, funders and other members to contribute to a legacy fund that will generate investment revenue through reserves to help offset operations costs. Strategies for continuing to grow our supporter base includes personalized outreach efforts to recruit volunteers and donors, engage them, inspire them, and motivate them to support again in the future. We work to better share the courageous stories of our passengers and incredible volunteer pilots to build stronger connections with donors who are invested in changing the world with us.
Our mission is to promote the health and well being of our passengers. We don’t provide health care services, and sadly, not all of our passengers survive their treatment. By providing access to medical treatment, we give our passenger a chance, and we give them hope. For some, it does make the difference between life and death. For some, it means a better quality of life and more time. For everyone, including a passenger’s family, their medical team, and even our volunteers, each flight is a testament to our willingness to help each other in a time of need.
We are proud to have earned a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.
We survey our passengers after their flight to make sure that they are satisfied with our service, and we follow up with them if they are not satisfied. We are proud to have received consistently high ratings. 
The Endeavor Awards were launched by Angel Flight West in 2014 to celebrate charitable aviation and to honor volunteers, and proceeds support charitable aviation organizations across the county.

For more information about the Endeavor Awards, please visit their web site.

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The Endeavor Awards

The Endeavor Awards® gala event celebrates and honors volunteer pilots with awards and provides charitable support to the organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need. Every year thousands of donated flights save lives, provide access to medical care, transport Veterans, rescue animals, map environmental data, aid in disaster relief and contribute to the public good in communities nationwide.

Visit the Endeavor Awards Website