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10th Annual Endeavor Awards: Businessman and Aviation Enthusiast Ross Perot Jr. to receive 2024 Inspiration Award

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Date: 9/22/2023
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Aviation advocate and businessman Ross Perot Jr. has been selected to receive the Inspiration Award at the Endeavor Awards in Los Angeles, Calif. on May 10, 2024. The annual recognition honors individuals who inspire others through their contributions to aviation or health care.

Mr. Perot completed the first helicopter flight around the world in less than 30 days in 1982 and served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. As chairman of the Air Force Memorial Foundation, he led the 14-year effort to build the U.S.  Air Force Memorial in Washington, D.C.  In 1988, Mr. Perot developed Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the country’s first industrial airport, which now anchors AllianceTexas, a 27,000-acre master-planned, mixed-use community in North Texas.

Mr. Perot currently serves on the boards of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and the Hoover Institution. He also is board member emeritus for both Vanderbilt University and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Today, Mr. Perot serves as Chairman of The Perot Group, which manages various Perot family interests that include real estate, oil and gas, and financial investments. Mr. Perot is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hillwood, a multinational real estate development company based in Dallas, Texas.  

Mr. Perot and the Perot family have a longstanding history of supporting our nation’s first responders, veterans, and military personnel. They have consistently demonstrated this commitment by offering their fleet of aircraft to facilitate critical humanitarian aid missions and to provide transportation support for the families of wounded and fallen soldiers and first responders during times of need. Most recently, Mr. Perot donated a Bell 407 GX helicopter to the City of Dallas to support law enforcement and first responder missions. 

“It’s an incredible honor to recognize Ross Perot Jr. at our 10th Annual Endeavor Awards,” says AFW Executive Director Josh Olson. “For decades, he’s championed for and made tremendous impacts on business and aviation. His acceptance of the Inspiration Award will allow us to spotlight his remarkable achievements while exhibiting his support of our mission and charitable aviation.”

Hosted by Angel Flight West, the annual Endeavor Awards® gala also celebrates and honors volunteer pilots and provides charitable support to the organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need. Every year thousands of donated flights save lives, provide access to medical care, transport veterans, rescue animals, map environmental data, aid in disaster relief and contribute to the public good in communities nationwide.

Angel Flight West with the support of Air Care Alliance is seeking nominations for two recipients of the 2024 Endeavor Awards. Voting takes place between October 16 and 30 at https://endeavorawards.org/vote/.

To learn more about supporting or attending the Endeavor Awards on May 10, 2024, visit www.endeavorawards.org or contact Mary Hunter at [email protected]

Angel Flight West’s volunteer pilots provide free, non-emergency medical transportation to help passengers reach their health care. This year, Angel Flight West celebrates two milestones: 40 years of service and our 100,000th mission. To learn more about Angel Flight West, visit www.angelflightwest.org.

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