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A Mission Moment – Passenger Larry G.

 The following article written by volunteer So. CA Command Pilot Tom Close in 2014 after flying passenger Larry G. on Larry’s first AFW flight is an example of the hidden benefits of being an AFW volunteer.

“I’m reminded of the old adage about feeling down and complaining about not having shoes until we meet the fellow without feet. Pretty extreme jump on my part, maybe, but here’s the point. Lawrence is facing a terrible illness, and he nonetheless appreciates the good in his life where he finds it. A ride to and from medical treatment? Nice, in and of itself, but more to the point, it is the nexus of need and caring by others. He’s not alone in his fight. That’s a smile producer, for sure. Lawrence is a man engaged with life, and naturally upbeat and happy. The events around Lawrence and this flight, are, indeed, emblematic of AFW. It’s the venue where your wonderful organization puts in touch those in need, and those of us with the luxury of putting back, using the opportunities and capabilities in our lives where they can have the biggest impact. If the camera had been turned around, you’d have seen as big a smile on my face. It’s that human element, made possible by an organization that cares, and people who care.”

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