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A PARENT’S CAMP STORY by Christy P., Haley’s mom

 My name is Christy and I would like to let you know how AFW has impacted our lives this year, and in the past as well. I have two children with very serious medical issues who were lucky enough to be able to attend this year’s summer camp at Camp Painted Turtle. This camp is designed specifically for children with very serious medical issues. Unfortunately, due to both of my children’s medical challenges, money is typically pretty tight and it would be a financial hardship for us to drive our kids to camp. This year, in fact, they would not have been able to go, as we could not afford the gas money to get them there. They have different medical issues, so they don’t attend camp in the same week. This is where the amazing people at AFW, and all of their incredible volunteer pilots come in. They don’t expect anything from us in terms of money–they sincerely just want to help. Not only do they want to help lighten the load for us as parents, but also for our children. Every pilot we’ve ever had has sincerely just wanted to get to know my child and make sure they feel comfortable and enjoy their flight. In fact, we have had pilots who have gone out of their way and brought snacks for my children, and allowed them to take the controls of the plane. Some have brought activities like coloring books and other books to entertain my child.

Every pilot we’ve ever had also understands that parents naturally just worry, so they have all made sure my child has always contacted me every time they have landed to let me know they are safely back on the ground. We have flown with pilots who range from folks who are retired and just want to give back to families who could really use the help, to doctors who want to just continue to make a difference where they can. We will be forever grateful for each and every pilot we have ever had through AFW, and hope we will have the honor of working with them again in the future. Oh, I forgot to mention that the AFW team works right up until the very end to find us a pilot. I promise, if there is an available pilot they will find them for you. It may be a little more difficult to arrange a flight at the last minute, but they’ll definitely do their best. We were honored to have Dr. Bloom and his lovely wife Barbara whisk our daughter away to summer camp this year. Dr. Bloom really made us feel special when he also took an interest in our son as well by asking us about him prior to take off. Thanks again Angel Flight West for everything. Keep up the amazing work!

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