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AFW, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines Help First Responders

<strong>Alaska Airlines crew with retired paramedic Justin Ireland center on his way to a hospital at the front lines of the <strong><br><strong>crisis in Chicago Photo was on a flight prior to mask requirements <strong>

Alaska Airlines generously donated miles to AFW to arrange transportation so COVID-19 first responders could get to and from their assignments. As of this printing, Alaska Airlines has flown 121 medical personnel and 391,812 miles.

In addition, as a thank-you, Alaska Airlines is donating a free round trip, which they call an “R & R Ticket,” to each first responder who flew with them to the front lines. Passenger Justin Ireland who volunteered his paramedic services and traveled via Alaska Airlines to an underserved hot spot area in Chicago says, “I am so appreciative of AFW and Alaska Airlines for making my trip to Chicago happen! Paramedics don’t do what we do
for the money, nor recognition, but out of a sense of duty. This gift of transportation allows us to fulfill our mission of ‘helping others at all times.’ From a very grateful medical volunteer, I say THANK YOU!” Alaska will continue flying returning medical personnel through the end of July.

<strong> Southwest Airlines crew with Labor and Delivery nurse Josie center on her way from Atlanta to Oakland<strong>

Southwest Airlines also has donated 40 tickets, to serve first responders, flying 25 medical personnel, and has 27 additional tickets booked as of this newsletter.

AFW helped arrange Southwest flight for a Physician Assistant home from New Orleans to Las Vegas, a nurse home from New York to Dallas, and a doctor from Orange County to an assignment in Philadelphia. Josie flew Southwest round trip from Atlanta to Oakland, and says, “My sincerest thanks to Southwest for donating flights to essential healthcare workers! As a Labor & Delivery nurse, I was fortunate enough to have spent the majority of my time welcoming new life into a pandemic-filled world. I won’t forget the patients who labored/birthed alone due to visitor restrictions or the families who lost infants due to complications. I find comfort in knowing I was able to support the hospital staff and patients as best as I could.”

In total as of this newsletter, AFW has served 147 first responders through Alaska Airlines and Southwest. Thank you to both these incredible airlines for their generosity during this unprecedented crisis.

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