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AFW Volunteer Pilots Turn Passion into Compassion

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When you join AFW as a Volunteer Pilot, you are joining an amazing group of men and women who take to the skies in the interest of helping others.  We’ve got 1,300+ active members in 13 western states, who collectively fly an average of 10 flights each day to help those with a compelling need.  Each day our Volunteer Pilots help those in need, providing one-on-one service to directly benefit our passengers. In recent months, our members have flown:

  • To Portland, to enable cancer patient Miriam to participate in a clinical trial.
  • From San Diego to Imperial to deliver donations of much needed blood.
  • Back and forth from Southern Utah to California, to bring passenger Melanie to her bi-monthly kidney cancer treatments.
  • To Los Angeles, to bring Adriel and his dad Ruben to UCLA for Adriel’s ongoing treatment for Muscular Dystrophy.
  • To East Elementary school in Cedar City, Utah, to deliver Santa and school supplies to underprivileged students. (Even Santa can use help from the AFW Angels from time to time.)

The list goes on and on, with more than 3,500 missions flown in 2013. Right now we have about 100 missions waiting to be assigned, but sadly each month we are unable to find a Volunteer Pilot for every mission, meaning that many of our passengers have to make other arrangements. The more qualified Volunteer Pilots we have, the more passengers will have an Angel at their side for vital travel.

Our pilots tell us that in addition to enjoying the fuel discounts and more opportunities to fly, the chance to use their flying skills to give back to the community was their number 1 reason for joining AFW.  What will your reason be?

In addition to flying missions, AFW members come together from time to time for fly-In gatherings and a speaker series on aviation topics.  And our regional wings  host pilot events closer to home.  AFW Volunteer Pilots can develop their skills with the new Culture of Professionalism toolkit.  And of course AFW pilots are all recognizable by our logoed decals, hats and shirts, so flying with AFW is a great way to meet other pilots in the hanger.  Perhaps you’ve heard the Angel Flight call sign, for example “Angel Flight 1-2-Bravo,” used by another aircraft while in flight?  When you do, you’ll know your fellow pilot has a very grateful passenger.

To become an Angel Flight West Command Pilot you need to have 250 hours as PIC and complete a short ground orientation.  Many of our pilots rent aircraft, so if you haven’t bought your dream plane yet, you can still fly with AFW.  If you haven’t yet reached the qualifications to be an AFW Command Pilot, you can volunteer as a mission assistant or provide ground transportation. As a pilot you have a unique set of skills and expertise that are in high demand.  By joining Angel Flight West, you can share your love of flying with someone who will truly appreciate your special talents.  Click here to browse the available missions in your area.  When you’re ready to turn your passion into compassion, and share your love of flying to help a deserving individual or family, become a member. Thanks for your consideration!

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