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AFW’s First Google Hangount

Angel Flight West has released its first-ever Google Hangout! This video is the first in a series of broadcasts meant to keep you informed about what’s going on at Angel Flight, as well as to provide tips and other ideas that might be helpful. Our Google hangouts are meant to be useful for a variety of audiences, so we hope there is some information that you can share with your family, friends, or passengers. Having a conversation about Angel Flight helps spread the word so that our services can reach more people in need – the underlying goal to everything we do!
You may view the broadcast at this link: Pilot Tips. This inaugural broadcast was done by Josh Olson, currently the Director of Mission Operations at Angel Flight West. In this video, Josh discusses the new electronic waivers as well as the Phillips 66 rebate program available to AFW members. You can learn more about these topics on the Angel Flight West blog.
 Member Benefits
Most of our active members will probably tell you that the best benefit of being an Angel Flight West member is having the chance to help others in need by providing transportation.  There are, however, some tangible benefits of membership as well. This page will take you through the benefits received upon joining Angel Flight West as well as the benefits you will enjoy on an on-going basis as a member.
Electronic Waivers
AFIDS now has an electronic version of the liability waiver form. This should make the waiver process simpler and more convenient for both pilots and passengers. This blog post goes into detail about how to access the e-waiver, how to obtain signatures, and how to submit the completed waiver back to AFW. 
If you have ideas about content to include in future broadcasts we would love to hear from you! Please comment on this post to let us know what you would be interested in hearing about from our staff.

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