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Communications Corner: The perfect setting for a story to be born

An Angel Flight is the perfect setting for a story to be born. As a passenger and a pilot glide together above the clouds, looking down over landmarks, nature, and bustling cities or quiet countrysides, they connect in the air for a fleeting moment, as if time has stopped. The worries of both navigator and traveler are left on the ground for just a while, if ever so brief.

In the case of Angel Flight West, that moment is part of a patient’s journey to or from medical care or for other humanitarian needs. By finding AFW, the passenger is freed from the financial toll of travel, the stress of coordinating logistics, and some of the time it takes to get from point A to point B. Those precious resources can then be put into their treatment.

Since beginning this role in June of this year, I have spoken with a handful of passengers and pilots over the phone and through email. A common theme comes up, almost word for word—“Angel Flight West is a godsend.” And that does not just come from passengers—volunteers like you have shared that by using your unique skillset and passion for aviation to help someone, you have gotten back what you’ve given and more. They have combined what brings them joy with service to others.

I wanted to carve out a corner in this quarter’s volunteer newsletter to share with you that your stories are invaluable. The experiences you have in the air with a passenger are why this organization exists and continues to thrive. Every single person has a story to share.

Please use me as a vessel to share those stories to the world! You can reach me at [email protected], and my inbox will enthusiastically accept quotes, anecdotes, stories, or whatever else you’d like to share about why you fly and how others can join in.

Thank you for being angels in the air, and for creating that magical moment in flight that helps our patients receive the important care they need and deserve.

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