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From Cheri’s Desk: A Recap of the Endeavor Awards

Just a few weeks ago, the Mission Operations Team, along with the entire Angel Flight West staff, was honored to participate in the 10th Annual Endeavor Awards.  I thought the volunteer newsletter would be a great way to highlight the volunteer aspect of this incredible event. 


All dressed up, linking arms with my beautiful grandsons, and anticipating a fun evening, we were excited to meet some of the passengers you all so generously transport and to pay tribute to those who contribute to volunteer pilot organizations. 


It was a treat to hear Harrison Ford share his special and heartfelt memories of Dr. Randy Sherman as he presented the Inspiration Award to Dr. Sherman’s son, Max.  As a part of this award, Angel Flight West created the Dr. Randy Sherman Access for All Fund, which will provide resources for the Mission Operations Team to purchase commercial tickets to back-up our pilot flown missions when weather or the availability of a pilot is a concern.  Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sherman’s family for this special fund.

Longtime AFW supporter and volunteer Cyrus Sigari presented Ross Perot, Jr., with the Inspiration Award for his dedication to philanthropy and aviation. It was an honor to hear about Ross Perot, Jr. and Hill Air’s commitment to our service members and first responders and how they’ve used aviation to bring some peace to families and friends of the fallen after tragedies.


Spending time with our passengers, Gloria and Corina, Ayden, Ayden (yep – there were two of them!), and Bradley and Luis was an affirmation of the need for Angel Flight West and how important you, our volunteers, are to their well-being.  It was exciting to have Sling Academy offer to give 13-year-old Luis flying lessons.  Luis was our 100,000th Mission passenger and has been flying with us for seven years.  He has been saying for many years he wants to be a pilot. Thanks, Sling Academy!


I enjoyed seeing PALS volunteer pilot John Rochelle receive his Endeavor Award, presented to him by his passenger Olivia for his dedication and generosity.  I’ve known John for many years, and it was so nice to see him receive this award.  I know John was also honored to meet our guest astronauts and have his picture taken with them.


For me, the special award of the night was the one I presented to Arizona Command Pilot Dennis Phelan for his generosity and heart.  Dennis has completed over 900 missions and has driven Earth Angel trips more than 250 times.  He always goes above and beyond, and his ability to do so with such grace is something special to witness.  Honoring pilots like Dennis is such an important part of this spectacular evening.  Congratulations to Dennis on this special award. 


The combination of all these amazing events with the raising of more than $850,000 made it a win-win for all involved.  It was so fun to spotlight the achievements of the volunteers who are the lifeblood of this and other VPOs! 


Blue Skies and Ciao! 

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