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What if you had a very sick baby and even though life saving medical care was available, it was far from your home and your family didn’t have the resources or the stamina to reach it?


Aimee, the loving Mom of a critically ill little boy, Christian, found a solution. Read her
“Top 10 Reasons why we love Angel Flight West”

10.Fly with AFW and learn to say “niner” instead of “nine.”

9.Christian’s immune system is weak and a commercial flight risked illness. So, it was a 15-hour road trip or AFW.

8.Unlike commercial airlines, AFW lets us bring a cooler of fortified breast milk and medication.

7.We could travel with oxygen tanks.

6.If Christian didn’t do well for any reason, AFW safely landed the plane.

5.The AFW pilot volunteered his time, plane and fuel costs, and was actually Christian’s grandpa’s cardiologist. Who could be better?

4.The views are incredible. Breathtaking. Our pilot was thrilled that AFW gave greater purpose to his beloved hobby.

3.I could send Google map locations, photos and texts during our AFW flight – even as we landed!

2.The AFW pilots flew on Christian’s schedule – even when we had to reschedule.

1.AFW helped us at one of the most stressful moments in our lives, giving us “the lift we needed” to take care of Christian.

Love, Aimee

As you count your own blessings at this time of year, please support AFW with your contribution so we can serve more passengers like the adorable baby Christian. This will give us “the lift we need” so we can help everyone who needs transportation to receive critically important medical treatment.

Your contribution makes it possible to:

  • Recruit volunteer pilots from all over the western states.
  • Get the word out to community services and medical providers that free air transportation is available to all those who need it.
  • Arrange the transportation of passengers to medical care, children’s special needs camps and other humanitarian services

Every dollar you contribute to Angel Flight is matched by four times that amount in donated expenses from volunteer pilots providing transportation to care that improves and saves lives.

Please send your contribution now. Little kids like Christian can’t afford to wait.


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