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AFW Welcomes

Two New Staff Members

Mission Coordinator Alexandro Ramirez


Alexandro (pronounced Alehandro) Ramirez is AFW’s newest Mission Coordinator. Finding the organization on Dan’s List, a daily list of nonprofits that are currently hiring, he says, “I never heard of Angel Flight West before and didn’t have any previous interest in aviation,” but he was “immediately fascinated” by the mission. After graduating Boston College in 2016 as an English major and before coming to AFW, Alexandro was working in an immigration law firm that helps artists get an 01 Visa called a Visa of Extraordinary Ability. His job was to prove that an artist has enough credentials to be considered “extraordinary” enough to come into the country. Quite an unusual job, but he admits that he is “curious about a lot of things” and drawn to niche jobs; hence, Angel Flight West. He was amazed at the importance of AFW’s “mission to help people with limited resources when they can’t afford the expense of travel…I am struck by the team’s ability to organize around 5,000 missions every year.” He’s only been on board for two weeks, but says, “I love all the good-hearted people who work here,” and Angel Flight West welcomes Alexandro as one of those.

AFW Summer Intern Erin Gagneau


AFW welcomes its new summer intern, Erin Gagneau. Erin comes on board as a Camp Coordinator when camp season begins in June. She found AFW from researching summer intern jobs on Santa Monica Community College’s internship website. This is her last semester at Humboldt State University as a Recreation Administration major. She would eventually like to stay in the nonprofit sector working with camps or other outdoor compassionate endeavors. Erin says,“being able to help those in need has been very rewarding. I’m enjoying being a part of this team where I continue to learn.”

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