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International Jet Donates Flights to Angel Flight West Passengers

Last month, International Jet donated 10 hours of flight time to help Angel Flight West’s (AFW) passengers travel between their homes and medical facilities, with stops being made in Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah. Three different patients and their families boarded the LearJet 55, a mid-size jet with speeds up to 480 miles/hour. International Jet covered expenses related to the flight, including fuel, flight time, airplane, and crew.

CEO and Founder of International Jet Lynn Krogh is a past supporter of Angel Flight West and was eager to contribute to our ongoing mission when a jet became available. “I’ve been a supporter of AFW for a number of years, personally and professionally,” says Krogh. “You have thousands of pilots who have done this type of thing. We want to volunteer our services, too. Our hope is to help inspire others to volunteer their time and aircraft.”   

The contribution undoubtedly made an impact on families needing help accessing their far-off health care. In addition to flying in a jet, passengers had the unique opportunity to sign their names on the side of the plane near the Angel Flight West logo. With the jet being due for a new paint job, Krogh knew this was an opportunity to make the flights even more special. “Just before the jet goes in for paint, why not do something fun?” comments Krogh. 

International Jet’s contribution and crew members helped cover AFW missions that might otherwise be difficult to coordinate due to time and location. Each day, generosity shown by AFW’s volunteer pilots and companies like International Jet ensures patients can focus on their health without the added stressor of transportation.

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