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Jessica battles terminal illness far from home

Jessica is receiving life-saving bone marrow treatments at a hospital 700 miles from her home. Struggling with mounting medical bills, your gift helps her and her family not have to worry about this one aspect of her health care.

“I always thought I could handle any situation,” Jessica told AFW, “being a wife, mother, having a rewarding career. But, it all got flipped on its head when I was diagnosed.” Jessica was the active mom of two young children, living with her husband in South Jordan, Utah, and working as the director of marketing at a sports medicine imaging company when she was diagnosed with terminal stage three follicular lymphoma in 2016.

After her first round of treatment in Utah, Jessica had to stop working. Her doctors eventually referred her to the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, over 850 miles away. Her family began struggling with mounting medical bills now on a single income. Jessica found Angel Flight West through a hospital resource center, and her missions to Seattle began in 2017.

Unfortunately, after the protocol there the cancer kept recurring, and Jessica was placed in hospice. Her doctors then recommended a bone marrow treatment at UCSD Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, California, another 700 miles away.

Jessica has been able to receive treatment with AFW flying her and from this new destination five times so far. She is responding incredibly well to the new treatment with a positive prognosis. AFW will continue to be there for Jessica as long as she needs.

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