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Make Caring Easy: Options for Caregivers and Patients

Are you one of the 34.2 million people in America that is a caregiver? In many caring scenarios, the caregiver may find that they cannot provide what their loved one or patient needs. Sometimes the elderly member needs to travel to a location that is far away – be it a hospital, or to visit with family. In these situations, it can be difficult to find an airline or any means of transportation to deliver the person that you are caring for safely. 

If the senior citizen you are caring for faces difficult medical challenges that you are not equipped to handle on your own, there are ways to overcome these tough hurdles. Many organizations are available to assist you in ways you may not have thought possible, like our volunteer air travel at Angel Flight West.


Doing the right research can help you find any of the numerous programs available to assist caregivers, including:

  • Administration on Aging, which helps senior citizens find the means to live independently
  • National Respite Network, allowing caregivers to take a needed break
    Benefits Checkup, which researches the system of benefits available for your elderly patient
  • Family Care Navigator, a site that specializes in finding the care options in your geographic location

Along with these outstanding organizations, you can guarantee that the elderly person in your life has proper care, which will save you from worry. Awareness of the resources for senior caregivers will help you deliver the best treatment for the senior citizens in your life.

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