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Meet our heavenly Earth Angel, Margot Bernal, who is in her 4th year volunteering for AFW!


The ultimate goal of Angel Flight West and its volunteers is helping people in need of transportation to non-emergency medical services. For the past 10 years, we have been coordinating ground transportation in much the same way we coordinate the air transportation. Through Earth Angels, we are connecting passengers with volunteer drivers who provide this necessary ground travel. Even though our flights are free and we cover 99% of the distance to their life-saving medical treatment, the cost of the “last mile” is preventing many people from utilizing our services. For many, a $25-$50 cab/Uber fare is too much, and they forego our free air transportation.

Earth Angel Margot, with passenger in tow, has been navigating travel to health care centers such as UCLA, Cedars Sinai and Ronald McDonald House, with a cheerful demeanor to bring joy to any sick patient. To date Margot has made over 350 trips, meeting patients as they arrive at Santa Monica airport with their AFW pilot and then taking them to their healthcare destination. Many times, she will wait for the patient and bring them back to the airport for their trip to travel home.  Thank you Margot, for going the extra mile for us!

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