Passenger Stories

Noah R. and dad Javier

Wing Command Pilot Christopher Bennett flew three-year-old Noah R. and dad Javier (pictured) from Porterville, CA to Oakland, CA. Noah was born with a rare birth defect and his body is missing the substance needed to break down sugar molecules, which affects bones, growth, and facial structure. When Noah was accepted into a clinical trial at Oakland Children’s Hospital, his parents were elated. Then reality set in. Their car wasn’t in shape for the 500-mile round-trip from their home, and airfare was out of the question. Noah’s case manager called AFW and our volunteer pilots have provided 10 round-trip flights. Noah’s dad wrote the following on our AFW blog: “The pilots and AFW program were awesome. Every experience was absolutely wonderful. The pilots were very caring and made us feel very comfortable in the sky as well as on the ground. God bless the pilots and Angel Flights.”

More Passenger Stories

Melanie C. from Utah 

Passenger Melanie C.and Command Pilot Rod McDermott

L to R: Melanie’s father, passenger Melanie C., Mission Assistant LeAnne Harper, and So. CA Command Pilot Rod McDermott. Melanie lives in Washington, UT and is battling kidney cancer. She is in a clinical trial in Los Angeles, traveling every two weeks to the USC Norris Cancer Center. Melanie wrote, “If there is a bright side to cancer, it’s that it can really reveal the

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Passenger Phoenix S. in red, mom Patty N. and WY Wing Command Pilot John Larsen 

Passenger Phoenix S., mom Patty N, bother Andrew & Command Pilot John Larsen

L to R: Andrew, brother of passenger Phoenix S. in red, mom Patty N. and WY Wing Command Pilot John Larsen traveling from Sheridan, WY to Shriners Salt Lake City, UT. Phoenix is traveling for surgery and additional treatment for Larsen syndrome (no connection to pilot’s last name), which is a disorder that affects the development of bones throughout the body. Repeated trips have depleted

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