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Pilot Survey – Executive Summary

Angel Flight West is focused on increasing pilot participation, which has declined in recent years. In order to better understand your motivations to fly, your interactions with AFW, and what AFW can do to make your volunteer experience more rewarding and efficient, a survey was administered to 473 AFW Command Pilots. It returned a 66% response rate – thank you for your help!

Major findings from the study include:
  • Pilots volunteer for AFW because they want to use their flying skills as a way to give back. They believe in AFW’s mission, and feel that the organization is well-managed by staff.
  • Many pilots state that they cannot be encouraged to fly more missions, as they feel that they are flying as much as they can.
  • Recognition is not of interest to half of the pilots. For those who would like recognition, logoed merchandise is the most preferred form. Other popular acknowledgements include credit in a newsletter or newspaper, or a personalized response such as a thank you card, email, or phone call.
  • Slightly more than half of AFW pilots know others who are not willing to join the organization, primarily because of the cost of liability forms.
  • Most pilots are willing to pay AFW’s dues, but the majority would consider making a voluntary donation to support AFW operations, in lieu of dues.
  • Most pilots are interested in social events hosted by AFW, quarterly or more often.
  • Over one-third of pilots do not know who their Wing Leader is. Over half do not know what a Wing Leader is, nor what a Wing Leadership provides.

To view the full Executive Summary:  AFW Pilot Survey – Executive Summary

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