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Two Patients, One Couple, Fly to Treatment

Your support helps people like Jack and Carol get the specialty care they need when living in remote towns where access to health care is limited.


Jack and Carol B. on one of their missions from Monticello, Utah to Salt Lake City for cancer treatment they both were receiving at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Jack also flies to Provo where he is receiving care after a heart attack.

Carol and Jack are a husband-and-wife team who were both diagnosed with cancer in 2019. Jack was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer and Carol with Stage 1 breast cancer. They live in a remote southeast corner of Utah in the small town of Monticello where, Carol says, “It’s hard when you get something serious because there are no specialists here or commercial transportation. Everyone has to be flown out,” or drive for hours to medical treatment.

The couple found AFW from a friend whose daughter is also using the organization to fly for treatment of a brain tumor. Carol and Jack were both flying to Huntsman, a five-hour drive from where they live. Carol has received a reprieve from doctors’ visits for a year, but Jack will continue his appointments at the institute. Jack will also be flying to Intermountain Healthcare in Provo (a four-and-a-half-hour drive) for rehabilitation from a heart attack he had when he was driving home from his cancer appointment!

Carol continues, “Jack’s heart attack has been hard on him. He had multiple bypasses and later developed an infection, so it’s taken a while for him to recover, but he’s starting to feel better. The doctor said he’s a fighter, and he sure is!” Carol is grateful to AFW because “the drive was so exhausting, but when we came home the other day from our flight, we even went for a walk.”

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