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by Ivan Martinez,
Director of Outreach and Wing Operations

 Since the start of our “Ascent to 8,000” campaign, outreach has been an increasing focus necessary to fuel our journey and one we are very much still learning to navigate better. We continue our efforts exhibiting at conferences, reaching out to new requester and patient leads, and arranging in-service presentations–all in hopes that our name reaches the family who is right now frantically searching the web for help, wondering how they’re going to reach the treatment that can save their loved ones life.

Earlier this year, Idaho Wing Leader Steve Laflin and I were able to connect with Eastern Idaho Regional Center (EIRMC) just after the inauguration of their new burn treatment center and the primary provider of burn care between Salt Lake City and Seattle– the sole location of its kind in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. We knew we needed to introduce them to Angel Flight West, and soon we were able to arrange a presentation to familiarize their key staff members with our services.

Within a couple of weeks, we received our first mission request and have since flown a total of 10 missions to date. This makes it possible for patients like two-in-a-half-year-old Kinsley (pictured) to travel from her home in Montana to her specialized burn treatment at EIRMC.

We’re still hard at work creating that dedicated panel gauge to help us measure our outreach efforts and results, but until then it’s encouraging to see our efforts connecting us with the patients and families in need of our services. Thanks to all for making it possible.

“This is great to see our partnership helping families and patients receive the care they need.” – David Hoffenberg, COO Eastern Idaho Regional Center






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