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You Helped a Wounded Warrior Connect with Others at Special Camp

 Jed M. served in the United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan where he triggered an IED, losing both legs above the knee and severely damaging his right hand. He was transferred to Germany, then to a US hospital for about four months following two more years of rehabilitation. A couple of years after his injury, Jed learned that a buddy who was in thesame hospital in San Diego, and had seemed to be doing verywell, had committed suicide. Jed decided to do something to help stem the trend of suicide by military veterans.


The Whiteheart Foundation, a nonprofit serving the needs of severely injured warriors, had donated a wheelchair that Jed uses on a variety of terrains, and he became involved in a Whiteheart annual motorcycle event that raises funds for warriors’ life-enhancing services.


Jed brought his idea to Ryan Sawtelle at Whiteheart, and together they worked to create The Guardian Project tailored for veterans living with PTSD, depression, and other mental health conditions associated with post-military life. The Guardian


Project hosts therapeutic camps that build long-term relationships as strenuous daytime activities lead to nights of fireside discussions about issues they’re all dealing with. Thanks to your generous gifts, AFW is able to provide transportation for a number of veterans. AFW pilots love flying these missions. Jed calls the pilots “awesome, kind and amazing.”

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