Support AFW: Tribute Gifts

Honoring Legacies, Transforming Lives: Tribute Gifts at Angel Flight West

The Significance of Tribute Gifts

More than just donations, tribute gifts are powerful expressions honoring the enduring impact of those who’ve touched our lives. Your contribution becomes a commitment to preserving legacies and ensuring their influence continues to make a difference.

Crafting a Narrative of Compassion

Every story, whether personal or a tribute, weaves a compelling tapestry that brings to life the mission and vision of Angel Flight West. Each narrative adds a personal touch, illustrating the transformative power of compassion.

How You Can Engage:

  1. Make a Tribute Gift: Click here to contribute a tribute gift in honor of someone special. Your donation supports critical medical care, serving as a lifeline for individuals in need.
  2. Share Your Commitment: Spread the word about tribute gifts within your circles and online communities. Your advocacy raises awareness, fostering support for the mission of Angel Flight West.
  3. Witness the Impact: Experience firsthand the tangible change your tribute gift initiates. Coupled with the dedication of volunteer pilots, your support translates into concrete assistance for individuals facing health challenges.

Transforming Lives through Your Tribute

Your tribute gift is a beacon of hope for those with medical access challenges. By supporting Angel Flight West, you contribute to a network that directly impacts lives, providing essential medical care and making a positive difference in the face of health obstacles.

Families may request that memorial gifts be dedicated to supporting our mission at Angel Flight West. You may start your tribute fundraiser page here or please contact us at [email protected] to establish a memorial tribute to your loved one.

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. We are happy to provide customized language for the remembrance and/or obituary, notify you regularly of gifts received, and ensure that all donors are thanked for their generosity.

For further information or assistance, please get in touch with Angel Flight West’s Development Department at [email protected]