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Get Out of Your Flight Rut


Maybe you got into general aviation flying for the thrill of controlling your own wings.  Maybe for the chance to see new places from a new perspective.  Whatever your reason, you’ve logged many hours in the air and on the ground to become a private pilot, and your reward for all that work is the chance to go wherever, whenever.  When you got your pilots license, maybe you were like most of us at AFW and made a list of places you want to visit, and airports to add to your landings list.

So what do you do when your list of exciting new destinations becomes the been-there, flown there list?  What do you do when you and your hanger buddies want a new adventure, a new challenge?  It’s easy to get into a bit of a rut, but here are some ideas for some new flight patterns:

  • Pick three counties in your state to visit.  Then pick the three counties in a neighboring state with similar names.
  • Like barbeque, or tacos?  Are giant balls of string your thing?  You can create a new list of flight schedules based on just about any hobby or cuisine.
  • Want to fly for a better reason?  If you check our Available Missions, we have a long list of destinations to try, and passengers in need of travel to critical healthcare appointments.

Plus, flying for Angel Flight West has perks of its own: Member Benefits and you can meet other AFW Angels in the hangar.  One of your new AFW Volunteer friends may know just the spot for the best barbecue in the West.

AFW Missions are for the benefit of the passenger, but of course all missions are at the discretion of the Volunteer Pilot’s personal minimums.  When you fly, how often you fly and whom you fly are all up to you. We have easy systems in place to request a mission and canceling for any reason is always your choice.  Mission Coordinators are available to help you with every stage.  It’s your aircraft, your donation, and you’re always in control.

If you’re looking for the best reason to fly, consider flying deserving passengers for Angel Flight West. You can learn more about AFW and the passengers we exist to serve. Learn about our Command Pilot requirements and orientation process. Joining AFW is a great way to find new horizons. Ready to explore new destinations? Join Angel Flight West today!

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