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Meet the Honorees: Volunteer Pilots to be Recognized at Endeavor Awards

Stephen and Joanna Bobko-Hillenaar of Angel Flight West (AFW) have been selected to be honored at the 2023 Endeavor Awards. Selected by the public and event committee, recipients of the award are recognized for their personal contribution and commitment to charitable flying by volunteering their time, resources, and aircraft to help others. 

<em>Stephen and Joanna Bobko Hillenaar of Angel Flight West<em>

“We’re thrilled to recognize Stephen and Joanna as this year’s event,” says AFW Executive Director Josh Olson. “Each year, volunteer pilots across the nation go above and beyond to help their communities through the gift of flight. This event sheds light on the impact made by volunteers like Stephen and Joanna.” 

Hosted by Angel Flight West, the annual Endeavor Awards® gala celebrates and honors volunteer pilots and provides charitable support to the organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need. Every year thousands of donated flights save lives, provide access to medical care, transport veterans, rescue animals, map environmental data, aid in disaster relief and contribute to the public good in communities nationwide. 

Splitting their time between Carefree, Arizona and Alpine, Wyoming, the Bobko-Hillenaars have donated 579 flights to help people across the West access their far-off medical care. “Angel Flight West gives us the opportunity to combine our love of flying with our passion for helping others in need,” says Stephen. “Being nominated is an honor as someone who appreciates what we’re doing for others.” 

Volunteer Pilot Shakeel Mozaffar of Angel Flight Northeast will also receive the Endeavor Award at this year’s event. Mozaffar has flown more than 45 missions and 58,230 miles over the past 27 years, including long-distance disaster relief flights to help those in need.

<em>Shakeel Mozaffar of Angel Flight Northeast<em>

To learn more about supporting or attending the Endeavor Awards on June 9, 2023, visit www.endeavorawards.org or contact Mary Hunter at [email protected] 

Angel Flight West’s volunteer pilots provide free medical transportation to help passengers reach their health care. This year, Angel Flight West will celebrate two milestones: 40 years of service and our 100,000th mission. To learn more about Angel Flight West, visit www.angelflightwest.org.

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