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Volunteers Give Patients an Extra Bit of Light and Hope

Four months ago, amid raising five children between the ages of nine and sixteen, Margo received the shocking diagnosis of breast cancer. “From one moment to the next, anything can turn on a dime,” she says. “You think of nothing but getting better and getting to and from appointments.” 

But getting to care would prove to take more time and travel than expected. Margo’s best option for treatment was hundreds of miles away from home. “I knew I would need to travel frequently, but I wouldn’t be able to drive back and forth after chemotherapy,” says Margo. “My mother-in-law found Angel Flight West online and a patient advocate at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Mesa, Arizona gave me the contact information. My application was approved in two days.”  

Since February, Margo has flown with Angel Flight West’s volunteer pilots 15 times to and from care. “I’ve flown with several different pilots, and I’ve appreciated each flight,” Margo says. “I know pilots take time away from their busy lives, families, and careers to help.” 

Arizona-based volunteer pilot Kerry Riley is one of the pilots who have already flown Margo seven times in the last two months. “He was the first volunteer to sign up for my flights,” says Margo. “We’ve established a friendship, and he’s even offered to sign up for extra missions or help pay for commercial airline tickets.” Because of pilots like Kerry, Margo’s six-hour car rides have transformed into flights lasting a little over an hour. Plus, her children and husband have been able to fly along as companions, supporting their mother and wife 30,000 feet in the air. 

Volunteer Pilot Simon Fried with Margo and her son Brantley during an angel flight

“Worrying about travel expenses is another part of my diagnosis,” Margo says. “Angel Flight West has taken this worry from us, and I hope to help more people find out about this service. 

“It makes you feel better. 

“It makes you feel like there’s still good in the world. 

“It gives you that extra bit of light and hope.” 

If you’re a patient traveling to far-off care, our volunteers may be able to help. Each day, donated flights help passengers around the West make it to treatment. Reach out to us today at (310) 390-2958 or email [email protected].

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