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Mobile App Update

The most recent update of the AFW Mobile App includes the ability to bookmark or favorite a mission leg, and to rate the mission based on your preferences.


Bookmarking or “Favoriting” a mission leg allows you to mark it for possible consideration.

To bookmark, click the heart icon for the mission leg as show in #2.

You can then filter the missions available list by favorites by using the new filter option in #1.

Rating mission legs by clicking the stars in #3 will help us better understand your preferences and send you more targeted requests for missions.

We encourage you to provide us with ratings on as many mission legs as you can. The more data we have about your preferences, the smarter we can be about sending you targeted mission opportunities.

We have also added a feature that shows when a waiver has been filed for a mission leg.


When your waiver is successfully filed, the date is shown below the link to File a Waiver. If you see this date, you can be sure that your waiver was sent. (The link will remain active in case you should need to re-file the waiver. )

This should help you be clear that a waiver has been successfully filed and received. It will also help you keep track of waivers when you’re flying multiple legs in one day.

Both of these improvements are a result of suggestions from our pilots. We encourage you to make suggestions and let us know how you like the app. You can send your thoughts and suggestions to [email protected].

Don’t yet have the app? Click here for instructions on how to get the app for your device.

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