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Please meet Zoe

We’d like you to meet Zoe.

Zoe was born with just 10 percent of a normal small intestine, which means her body can’t get enough nutrients from solid food, and she has to be fed through a central line in her chest. She spent the first six months of her life at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto where she nearly died.


Now 13 months old, Zoe is back at home in Southern California with her parents and older sister. But she still needs to see her doctors every other month, and the trip to Stanford is a four-and-a-half-hour car ride one way. Zoe’s mom, Mayra, had to quit her job to manage Zoe’s extensive care, and with credit cards maxed out from medical expenses, travel is another significant cost to add to the family’s bills.

Luckily, a friend referred them to Angel Flight West, and we began flying Zoe to her appointments whenever we could.

“Angel Flight West has taken a huge load off our family,” says Mayra, “it’s such a gift. And to be able to get home on the same day as Zoe’s appointments are amazing!”

Through it all, Zoe just keeps smiling. AFW volunteer pilot Peter Bernardin reported, “You’d never know what she’s been through by looking at her – she’s the happiest baby you’ve ever seen. Every time I spoke to her, she just grinned back.”

Stories like these are made possible by the generosity of donors and organizations like US Storage Centers, which help us help patients like Zoe travel long distances to get the specialty care they need.
The company told us recently, “US Storage Centers values giving back to the community and partnering with organizations that help make their community a better place. We admire Angel Flight West’s mission and we’re honored to sponsor Zoe’s trip to her recent treatment. We look forward to working with AFW in the future!”

So thank you, US Storage Centers, and everyone who supports us. Together, we’ll get more people to the care they need!

US Storage Centers, Compton

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