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New Electronic Waivers

Here’s some good news from the mission coordination team: AFIDS now has an electronic version of the liability waiver form. This should make the waiver process simpler and more convenient both for our pilots and our passengers.

The electronic waiver can be used on computers, tablets and smart phones. Passengers can “sign” the form using a mouse on the computer, or using their finger or a stylus on a tablet or phone.

waiver_signed You will need to have internet access on your device when accessing and submitting the waiver, whether using mobile data or WIFI. Please be sure to have some paper copies of the waiver with you as a backup in case your internet access fails you.

Accessing the waiver

The easiest way to access the waiver is by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email which was sent to you with your itinerary. Click on the link for the leg of the mission that you are flying to bring up the waiver. Since the waiver is specific to your leg, you’ll need to use this link to access the proper waiver for your flight. Please have your email available on the device you plan to use for the signatures to get easy access to the waiver.


Signature blocks are automatically inserted for the passenger and any companions of record in the mission leg. If the passenger is a child, a signature block is inserted for the passenger’s guardian instead of the passenger.

If the mission assistant is listed on the mission, a signature block will be added for his or her signature. If not, a blank block is provided. Under either circumstance, please have the mission assistant sign.

If you have additional people who need to sign, for example, a companion who is not listed on the mission record, click the link to “Add additional signatures.” Please ask these individuals to also enter their name using the onscreen keyboard on your device.

Once you have all the signatures, and the photo release, simply click the Submit button and the waiver will be saved. That’s it… you’re done!

Note that you can toggle between the English and Spanish versions of the waiver by clicking or tapping the link at the top of the page.


Thanks for using the new electronic waiver, and as always, thanks for all you do to provide assistance to people who need transportation to medical treatment.

Please email or call the office with any questions or feedback on the new system; we’re always looking for ways to improve the Angel Flight experience for our volunteer pilots.

For complete documentation on using the electronic waiver, please visit the AFIDS wiki.

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