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Jodi G. flown by command pilot Dennis Phelan 6.23.13
Jodi G flown by command pilot Dennis Phelan 62313

November is a special time to remember the good parts of life, and the people who help make them possible. At Angel Flight West we are continually grateful for the hundreds of volunteer pilots and our commercial airline partners who provide free travel to those in need of compassionate travel assistance. While our pilots do much of the heavy lifting, each mission we fly include dozens of volunteers on ground as well.

We are grateful to our office volunteers, people who give their time to help make all of Angel Flight West’s operations possible. People like…

Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen, a retired attorney,  who has been volunteering with Angel Flight West for three years, when he’s not pursuing his other passion, studying Catholic literature, especially from the Middle Ages. Alan tells us he loves volunteering at Angel Flight because it is a way of serving God in a meaningful way in the community. He enjoys helping us care for the seriously ill, financially needy, and desperate persons in society by assisting the Angel Flight staff with office work. Alan is especially helpful in finishing necessary office projects to help keep everything running smoothly and efficiently at Angel Flight West. Thank you Alan.


Fern Goldstein
Fern Goldstein

Fern Goldstein. Fern says she enjoys the environment and the warmth generated by the people that work at AFW. Fern’s favorite part of volunteering is the good feeling she gets from helping others, especially children needing help. Spoken like a true retired LAUSD kindergarten teacher! Thank you Fern, for helping AFW help those in need of medical transportation or other compassionate travel assistance.


Ari Lissauer
Ari Lissauer

Ari Lissauer. Ari is a student who has been a regular at the Angel Flight West office since 2010, coming in every week to help us with needed office work and those very important mailings for fundraising and outreach. Thank you Ari, for helping us spread the word about Angel Flight West to those in need and those who can help.



Our Wing Leaders and their teams. We are grateful to our Wings, who are on the ground and in the air with strong grassroots awareness and outreach efforts. These leaders and their teams help with pilot recruitment, assist with grant fulfillment, welcome new members to Angel Flight West and provide orientation so new volunteer pilots can start flying missions as soon as possible. Wings, we couldn’t fly without you. Thank you.

Alan, Fern, Ari and our Wing Leaders and teams are only a few of the dedicated and valuable volunteers at Angel Flight West. There are so many ways our volunteers help.

To all of our Los Angeles headquarters office staff volunteers, who answer our phones and provide the first link between passenger and pilot, thank you.

To our Mission Coordinators, who manage the logistics of each flight and partner patients and others in need with their pilots, thank you.

To our Disaster Response Volunteers, who put their daily lives on hold to help others in times of crisis, thank you.

To the Earth Angels, a brigade of volunteer drivers who transport patients in Oregon, Seattle and in the Los Angeles area airports to regional medical centers, thank you.

To our dedicated, hard-working board of directors, who guide the organization and give counsel year after year.

To our Special Events and Fundraising Volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure that we have the necessary funds for all of our flight operations, thank you.

And to you, who is reading this page, thank you for your interest in Angel Flight West. We hope we can help you, or perhaps you’d like to volunteer  and help us, in the coming year.

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