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Volunteer Spotlight: Dan Hangs Up His Wings


Meet Dan Marks, a dedicated volunteer pilot whose aviation journey began when he was in his 40s. While working at Torrance Airport in Southern California, Dan started taking flying lessons and quickly fell in love with the thrill of soaring through the clouds. He acquired multiple aircraft, with his latest being a Cessna T210, and earned multi-engine rating. His journey took a meaningful turn when he joined AirLifeLine as a volunteer pilot, which later merged with Angel Flight West in 2003. Since then, Dan has donated 500 hours of flying time to  passengers in need of specialized care. 

Every day, AFW’s volunteer pilots transport patients from rural areas to major cities for essential medical appointments. When asked about his memorable passengers, Dan fondly recalled flying two sisters from Montana to Seattle Children’s Hospital. For one of the sisters, it was her first time on an airplane. Dan vividly remembers her excitement and awe as she experienced the thrill of flying and her curiosity when visiting the Emerald City for the first time. 


Besides being a devoted pilot for AFW, Dan extended his talents to Lighthawk, an organization that seeks conservation projects and partners where they can use aviation to make a significant contribution. Their team serves as consultants, co-designing flight campaigns to achieve conservation outcomes, educational objectives, and outreach strategies. Dan’s commitment to these numerous charitable aviation causes emphasizes his belief in using his gift for flying for the greater good. 

As Dan hangs up his wings after 20 years of service, a decision he made with great difficulty to ensure his and his passengers’ safety, we express our profound gratitude for his commitment and invaluable contributions.  Thank you, Dan, for your exceptional service to so many patients who might have otherwise gone without access to essential care.  

If you live in one of the 12 Western states served by AFW, and are interested in becoming a volunteer pilot, learn more and sign up at https://angelflightwest.org/pilot-page.

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